Association for Molecular Pathology


June 2011, Volume 17, Number 2


Membership and Professional Development Committee Report

Helen Fernandez

By Helen Fernandes, PhD
Membership and Professional Development Committee (MPDC) Chair




  • The MPDC continues to fulfill it's objective by assisting AMP and it's committees in reaching out to the AMP community for various projects.
  • We have a new interest group of Canadian members that has been formally established. The Canadian Members interest Group, headed by Wenda Greer currently has more than 40 AMP members. The group hopes to communicate via a listerv and expand it's interactions and collaborations among the Canadian members. The group will meet over dinner at the AMP annual meeting.
  • AMP council approved the sponsorship of a proposed January 2012 meeting in India, along with up to $3,000 to support speaker travel. The meeting is being organized by Bhibu Das, and endorsed by the International Affairs Working Group(IAWG)
  • Shuji Ogino and Robyn Temple-Smolkin are working on the potential for new awards to honor deserving AMP members. The details for these will be available shortly on the AMP website.

The MPDC will be reaching out to the membership for feedback on various subjects that AMP is involved in. We request you to please take a few minutes to send in your opinion as assists the organization with plans for future directions.

Again, if you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer with AMP, please visit the website at or contact Helen Fernandes, PhD (, Rick Press, MD, PhD ( Robyn Temple-Smolkin ( ) or Shuji Ogino ( ).