Association for Molecular Pathology


June 2011, Volume 17, Number 2


Clinical Practice Committee Report

Mary Lowery Nordberg

By Janina Longtine, MD
Chair, Clinical Practice Committee


The Clinical Practice Committee is actively working on a number of projects. Some highlights include:

  • Neal Lindeman participating in a CAP-AMP-IASLC Committee to publish practice guidelines for lung biomarkers in non-small cell carcinoma;
  • Federico Monzon working on a AMP-ASCP-CAP Committee to develop practice guidelines for molecular markers of colorectal carcinoma;
  • Bill Funkhouser leading an AMP member effort to publish recommendations for mismatch repair-defective colorectal carcinomas.

I recommend that you all read the editorial in the 2011 May issue of The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics by the AMP Whole Genome Working Group led by Jane Gibson - a commentary on the Banbury Conference Center meeting on Personalized Genomic Medicine published in the American Journal of Clinical Pathology.

The International Affairs Working Group is working to establish a peer-to-peer clinical sample exchange program for molecular pathology validation and proficiency testing. Look for this group's Survey on CHAMP. I encourage you to participate in the survey which is designed to gauge the membership's interest in participating on a clinical sample exchange program.