Association for Molecular Pathology


February 2011, Volume 17, Number 1


Membership & Professional Development Committee Report

By Helen Fernandes, PhD
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The Membership and Professional Development Committee (MPDC) is happy to inform you that AMP awarded seven membership grants for 2011 to international applicants. Three of the seven were re-applicants and four are new awardees. The awardees for the membership grants come from Argentina, India, Mexico and Turkey. Please inform your international friends of the availability of membership grants. In addition to being a useful resource, it is a great way for the international community of molecular pathology to be part of AMP. We hope that reaching out to our international colleagues will increase visibility for AMP and promote its vision for the advancement of the practice and science of clinical molecular laboratory medicine.

The Geographic and Scientific Interest groups within AMP continue to grow. The Rocky Mountain Interest Group and a potential Canadian Interest Group met at the AMP Annual Meeting in San Jose to discuss future plans. A new interest group consisting of AMP members interested or involved in industry was approved by Council in time for the group to meet in San Jose. The group was chaired by Alice Jacobs and Dave Dollinger. If you are interested in any of the existing groups, would like to start your own Geographic/ Theme Interest group, or get involved with AMP, please contact contact me, Rick Press, Robyn Temple-Smolkin (, Shuji Ogino ( or Mary Williams (

The MPDC continues to assist AMP Committees and Subdivisions in their quest for volunteers. All volunteer positions are solicited via CHAMP. We also use the volunteer database for the selection of appropriate candidates.

International Affairs Working Group - 2010

International Affairs Working Group (photo taken at the AMP 2010 Annual Meeting Welcome Reception) Left to right: Patrik Vitazka, Chair; Rami Mahfouz; Bibhuranjan Das; Lei Po (Chris) Wong; Denis York. Not pictured: Andrew Fellowes, David Barton.