Association for Molecular Pathology


February 2011, Volume 17, Number 1


Training & Education Committee Report

Karen Weck, MD

By Karen Weck, MD

The AMP Training and Education (T&E) Committee coordinates multiple educational activities related to molecular pathology for AMP members and the community. I would like to extend a special acknowledgement to the outgoing members of the 2010 T&E Committee. Thanks go to Linda Jo Bone Jeng, Megan Lim, Carol Holland, and Jennifer Laudadio for all their hard work during their two year term. A number of new initiatives were begun by this dedicated group, most significantly the launching of the AMP online webinar series. Welcome to the 2011 incoming T&E Committee members Amrik Sahota, Sara Taylor, Melinda Poulter, and Kathy Mangold.

The Committee hosted seven webinars in 2010 on a range of molecular pathology topics. We thank the 2010 webinar speakers Antonia Sepulveda, Stephen Nimer, Karen Tsuchiya, Duane Newton, Christine Ginocchio, Jeffrey Kant, and Jaclyn Biegel for taking their time to contribute to this educational series. The first webinar in 2011 was on “Rapid Detection and Identification of Mycobacteria with real-time PCR” by Niaz Banaei from Stanford University Medical Center and can be accessed on the AMP Web Library, as well as past webinars. Admission for all webinars is free and registration instructions are always posted on CHAMP.

For the past several years, the T&E Committee has organized a Molecular Pathology Outreach Course held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting. This year the Outreach Course was entitled “Current Applications of Molecular Pathology: real-time updates and case studies.” Many of the participants in the course are already involved in molecular diagnostic testing (and stayed in San Jose to attend the Annual Meeting). Thanks go to course instructors Greg Tsongalis, Jennifer Hunt, Alexandra Valsamakis, Adam Bagg and Iris Schrijver, and to all the members of the T&E Committee who gave case presentations, for helping to make this course a continued success!

The T&E Committee has a special relationship with AMP trainees and works to provide educational and informational resources for trainees to enhance their education and professional development. In addition, there are two junior members on the Committee. A special thanks goes to the outgoing Junior Committee members, Dara Aisner and Craig Mackinnon who have been invaluable to all the Committee’s activities, especially in coordinating the trainee luncheon discussion and compiling a list of book resources in molecular pathology (available on the AMP website). We are currently reviewing applications for incoming junior membership on the Committee.

The T&E Committee also selects the winners of the Young Investigator Awards.
Congratulations go to the 2010 YIA Award Winners! View the List of YIA Awardees and their photos!