Association for Molecular Pathology


February 2011, Volume 17, Number 1


AMP 2010 Annual Meeting Photo Album

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2010 and 2011 Council

1st Row (Front Row), L to R: James Douglas, ASIP/AMP staff, Director of Finance; Loren Joseph, 2010 Solid Tumors Chair; Karen Kaul, 2011 Strategic Planning Committee Chair; Mark E. Sobel, AMP staff, Executive Officer; Dan Farkas, 2011 Program Committee Chair-Elect; Timothy Greiner, 2010 Hematopathology Chair.

2nd Row, L to R: Arlene Buller-Burckle, 2010 Genetics Chair; Elaine Lyon, 2010-2011 Professional Relations Committee Chair; Randy Hayden, 2011 Infectious Diseases Chair; Tim O'Leary, 2011 President; Karen Mann, 2010 President; Barbara Zehnbauer, 2010 Program Committee Chair; Helen Fernandes, Membership & Professional Development Committee Chair.

3rd Row, L to R: Jennifer Hunt, 2011 Program Committee Chair; Mary Steele Williams, AMP staff, COO & Director of Scientific Programs; Karen Weck, 2010-2011 Training & Education Committee Chair; George Netto, 2011 Solid Tumors Chair; Jeffrey Kant, Economic Affairs Committee Chair.

4th Row, L to R: David Persing, 2010 Infectious Diseases Chair; Janina Longtine, 2011 Clinical Practice Committee Chair; Jan Nowak, Nominating Committee Chair; Brian Dawson, 2011 Genetics Chair; Iris Schrijver, 2010 Clinical Practice Committee Chair; Ted Schutzbank, 2010-2011 Secretary-Treasurer and Publications Committee Chair; Charles Hill, 2011 Hematopathology Chair.


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Publications Committee and Web Editorial Board

L to R: Tim O'Leary, JMD Editor in Chief; George Netto, Solid Tumors Web Content Editor; Mary Lowery Nordberg, Web Editor; Alexis Carter, AMP Test Directory Editor; Ted Schutzbank, Chair; Marlene Sabbath-Solitare, AMP Newsletter co-Editor; Terry Redondo, AMP Newsletter co-Editor; Mark Sobel, Executive Officer.


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AMP Award for Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics

Supported by an Unrestricted Educational Grant from Roche

L to R: Karen Mann, 2010 President; Patrick Brown, Award Recipient; Whitney Green, Roche Representative


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AMP Leadership Award

Supported by an Unrestricted Educational Grant

from Abbott Molecular

L to R: Andrea Ferreira-Gonzalez, Award Recipient;

Karen Mann, 2010 President



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AMP Leadership Award - A Distinguished Group of Recipients

L to R: Karen Kaul, 2008 Recipient; Mark Sobel, 2006 Recipient; Andrea Ferreira-Gonzalez, 2010 Recipient;

Jeffrey Kant, 2005 Recipient; Dan Farkas, 2007 Recipient; Debra Leonard, 2009 Recipient

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