Association for Molecular Pathology


February 2011, Volume 17, Number 1


Nominating Committee Report

Karen Mann, MD, PhD

By Karen Mann, MD, PhD

Happy New Year! The Nominating Committee has begun its work for 2011 and we will continue working until we have developed a slate of candidates for the elected offices, and have nominated individuals for the AMP Award for Excellence and the AMP Leadership Award. Your representatives to this Committee are: Thomas Monroe and Qiulu Pan (Genetics Subdivision Representatives), Domnita Crisan and Rita Braziel (Hematopathology Subdivision Representatives)  Preeti Pancholi and Robyn Temple-Smolkin (Infectious Diseases Representatives), and Catherine Dumur and Antonio Sepulveda (Solid Tumors Representatives). In addition, we have three ex-officio members: Mary Williams, Mark Sobel and Tim O’Leary.

I thank all of those who have already nominated candidates and I encourage the rest of you to nominate yourself or others for positions you think appropriate. As always, self-nominations are welcomed. The following elected positions are open for 2012.


  • Council
    • President-Elect
    • Secretary-Treasurer
    • Program Committee Chair-Elect
    • Training & Education Committee Chair


  • Program Committee
    • Technical Topics Representative


  • Subdivisions (Genetics, Hematopathology Infectious Diseases and Solid Tumors)
    • Chair-Elect (one for each Subdivision)
    • Nominating Committee Representative (one from each Subdivision)
    • Clinical Practice Committee Representative (one from each Subdivision)
    • Training & Education Committee Representative (one from each Subdivision)

Descriptions of these positions are on the AMP website ( If you wish to nominate someone, please contact any of the Committee’s Subdivision representatives indicated above, Mary Williams, or me.

Our second task will be identifying candidates for AMP’s two big awards. The first is the Award for Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics. The Plenary Session given by these awardees is the highlight of the Annual Meeting, and I have heard some amazing talks by past awardees. The full description of this award is on the website (, as is a list of all of our previous awardees. The second Award is the AMP Leadership Award. This is the highest honor we give specifically to AMP members and recognizes those who have: “demonstrated exceptional leadership in the accomplishment of the mission and goals of AMP." ( Specific details are also on the website.

AMP achieves all that it does because of the willingness of the members to give their time and effort as volunteers. If you have not run for office before, please consider running now. If you have run before, maybe it is time for you to run again. If you have held office before, perhaps it is time for you to be a member of Council. It is incredibly rewarding, and who knows, maybe you will be the recipient of the AMP Leadership Award in the future.