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AMP Strategic Initiatives Fund

Contribution Levels

Sponsor - $5,000 and up
Platinum - $2,500 - $4,999
Gold - $1,000-$2,499
Silver - $250-$999
Bronze - $100-$249
Donor - $10-$99


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AMP Strategic Initiatives Fund

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The AMP Strategic Initiatives Fund began as a Matching Grant Program, established in November 2005 by Jeffrey A. Kant, the first recipient of the AMP Leadership Award. Subsequent award recipients Mark E. Sobel (2006), Karen L. Kaul (2008), Andrea Ferreira-Gonzalez (2010), and Margaret L. Gulley (2011) have maintained support for the AMP Leadership Matching Grant Program. Donations in excess of $50,000 have been made to the AMP Strategic Initiatives Fund by AMP members to date. Please join your distinguished colleagues and contribute to the AMP Leadership Fund. As a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, AMP can accept tax deductible contributions in the furtherance of its mission. Funds donated will be used to strengthen AMP's ability to increase scientific and policy education activities in our rapidly growing profession.


Sponsors: ($5,000 and up)

Esther & Hyman Rapport Philanthropic Trust
Jeffrey A. Kant
Karen L. Kaul
Mark E. Sobel

Platinum ($2,500 - $4,999)

Andrea Ferreira-Gonzalez
Margaret L. Gulley

Jan A. Nowak
Barbara A. Zehnbauer

Gold ($1,000 - $2,499)

Daniel H. Farkas
Kevin C. Halling
Vicky Pratt
Sam Rose
Iris Schrijver
Brian Taylor

Silver ($250 - $999)

Kenneth Bahk
William P. Bennett
Boston Biomedical Consultants
Bobby L. Boyanton
Angela Caliendo
Sylvia Crush-Stanton
Helen D Fernandes
Wayne Grody
William Edward Highsmith
Elaine Lyon
Roberta Madej
Karen Mann
Rebecca McClure
Kathleen M. Murphy
Paul G. Rothberg
Steven A. Schichman
Robyn Temple-Smolkin
Karl Voelkerding
Y. Lynn Wang
Kathleen S. Wilson
Belinda Yen-Lieberman

Bronze ($100 - $249)

S. Terence Dunn
Mark Hoffman
Jennifer Hunt
Lloyd Hutchinson
Richard Intres
Kathryn E. Kronquist
Michael R. Langley
Cathie Leiendecker-Foster
Mark A. Lovell
Alexander Craig MacKinnon
Khedoudja Nafa
Marina N. Nikiforova
Cooley Pantazis
Ted Schutzbank
Jody Thompson
Elizabeth R. Unger
Karen Weck
W. Kent Williams
Xiao-Ming Yin

Donor ($10 - $99)

Deborah Payne